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Attorneys are uniquely qualified to better protect the public in real estate transactions, and when we work together we can improve outcomes for all involved.

This only works if attorneys like you are active participants in your local REC.


The rules have changed.

Your client’s ability to offer seller financing, once a very common occurrence, may be seriously limited now that changes mandated by the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010, otherwise known as Dodd-Frank, have been implemented. This 1-hour program highlights the do’s and don’ts for you and your client. We also provide special resources your REC can use to reach out to real estate agents contemplating seller financing.


Florida ARECS and The Fund, its strategic partner, have developed a library of education resources available exclusively to RECS and their members.

They include programs for both attorneys and real estate professionals.

Contact the REC Relations Manager to Request a Seminar for Your REC.

Programs currently available include:

Live Presentations
  • Ongoing Short Sale & REO Solutions
    • Florida Bar-approved 3 hours CLE
    • FREC-approved 3 hours SPE
  • Understanding & Using Residential Real Estate Contract for Sale & Purchase
    • Florida Bar-approved 3 hours CLE
    • FREC-approved 3 hours SPE
  • Brand New: The Originator : Private & Seller Financing After Dodd-Frank
    • Florida Bar-approved 1 hour CLE
    • Includes resources for Realtors®
  • Brand New: The New Closing Disclosure
Ready-to-Use Library
  • Realtors: What is Title Insurance and How Does it Protect Your Client?
  • Realtors: Red Flags: How to Identify and Resolve Obstacles to Closing Early
  • Realtors: Short Sale Strategies for Success

Let us bring our expertise to you!