(In)Famous Houses

By: Michael J Posner

In a previous column I mentioned the story of the Amityville, New York house, the scene of a gruesome family murder that was sold, led to claimed paranormal activity, movies, books and more sequels, all detailing the house’s sordid past and its alleged possession.

Real Estate in the Movies

By: Michael J Posner

With the Maltz Theater bringing back Glengarry Glen Ross, I thought this would be a good time to look at how various real estate issues are portrayed in cinema. From bad salesmen, bad spouses, and bad ghosts, real estate has been a good issue as a backdrop to explore the relationship between individuals, from greed, envy and fear.

Material Alteration of the Common Elements

Owners Don’t Always Have a Right of Approval

Section 718.112(2) of the Florida Condominium Act provides as follows: “Except as otherwise provided in this Section, there shall be no material alteration or substantial addition to the common elements … except in the manner provided in the Declaration.”

Why Real Estate Agents Need to Understand Florida Homestead Law

BEFORE Preparing a Sales Contract

Florida’s homestead law is one of the most generous in the United States. Florida’s Constitution provides that homestead is (1) exempt from forced sale; (2) devise and alienation is restricted; and (3) homestead affords tax exemptions. Of primary importance to real estate agents are the restrictions on alienation of homestead property.

Residential Inspections and Repairs – Procedures and Pitfalls

By: Jeffrey A. Grebe, Esq

Inspections and repairs in residential real estate transactions can be a major source of disputes between buyers and sellers. Many of these disputes arise simply because the parties (and often their real estate agents) do not fully understand or follow the inspection...

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