May & June - Message from the Board

On May 11th The Florida ARECS Board of Directors hosted its annual REC Leadership Forum preceding the start of Fund Assembly in Orlando.

The Closing Cost Calculator

Do you receive constant requests from clients, lenders and Realtors® for an estimate of closing costs? If so, take advantage of our Closing Cost Calculator on

January & February - Message from the Board

We hope you and your family enjoyed a safe and happy holiday season. It's hard to believe it's 2017 and a year has passed since we published the first issue of Council Connections.

Message from the Board.

September and October were, shall we say, “yuge!” for Real Estate Council Realtor® events. The Florida ARECS Board of Directors would like to congratulate the following RECs for their outstanding accomplishments in promoting positive Attorney/Realtor® Relations.

Latest REC News

The REC community was very busy in March and April! See what all of the RECs have been up to:

FLARECS Resources

If you have spent any time on Florida ARECS consolidated REC website you have undoubtedly discovered it us full of useful tools and resources for the real estate practitioner.

Highlights from the Miami-Dade County Member Mixer with Bank of the Ozarks on October 26, 2016.

March & April - Message from the Board

The Florida ARECS Board of Directors met on February 24th in Orlando and reviewed our strategic objectives and how the organization can best serve REC members going forward. Since its inception in 2014, Florida ARECS has focused on these strategic priorities:

Latest REC News

See what the North Dade and the Beaches Real Estate Council, the Bay Area Real Estate Council (BAREC) and the Capital Region Real Estate Council has been up to these past two months.

Highlights from the 26th Annual Real Estate Legal Summit

Hosted by CFREAC and the Orlando Regional Realtor® Association held on September 8th, 2016 in Orlando


If you have been a Fund member for more than 10 years you likely remember the Consumer Education Campaign sponsored by The Fund to promote the use of real estate attorneys on radio and television.

Latest REC News

New RECs under construction! Florida Keys REC held its first event in sometime on October 20th in Marathon. The Real Property Council of Volusia County continues to move forward.

Latest REC News

The Attorneys’ Real Estate Council of Miami-Dade County (aka South Miami-Dade) recently welcomed new President Ivette Rodriguez of Coral Gables.

Latest REC News

The REC community was wildly busy in January and February! See what all of the RECs have been up to:

Promotional Resources

Florida ARECS provides two great resources that REC members can use, at no cost, to promote themselves and their practices.

Resource Feature

Have you seen the redesigned Real Estate Professionals page? This new page is designed to educate real estate agents on the benefits of involving a real estate attorney in their transactions while providing them valuable resources at the same time.