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Focus on Buyers and Sellers Directly

We spend a considerable amount of time and effort in developing tools for REC Members to use in reaching out to Realtors®, however, we have not forgotten about the Consumer.  Today’s digital world offers you a wide variety of opportunities to communicate with Buyers and Sellers directly.  Here are a few of our most popular options that you can use to market your practice in person, using your website, an email drip campaign, print media and/or social media.

Tips on Buying a Home in Florida and Tips on Selling a Home in Florida

Marshall C. Deason, Jr., Tampa Bay Business Law
Member of Bay Area Real Estate Council 

These two guides were written for the consumer.  They explain what both buyers and sellers and can expect to experience as they go through the real estate closing process.  The Tips booklets are an excellent tool to share with your consumer clients or to provide to real estate agents so they can provide them to their buyers and sellers.


Why You Should Involve a Real Estate Attorney in Your Closing
Are you looking for a simple marketing piece to explain the value of engaging a real estate attorney in a real estate transaction?  Look no further than this two-sided and to-the-point handout for consumers.  It highlights many of the most important reasons for working with a real estate attorney.


Buyer and Seller Pre-Closing Checklists
Provide your clients with a simple Checklist they can use to understand and manage the tasks and timelines from contract to closing. 


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