Real Estate 101: Easements Gone Wrong

Drafting an easement is a bit like you and me landing an airplane. There will be mistakes. The difference is that you will know very quickly how the plane lands. It may be years before you know how bad your easement was.

Danger Zone- Buying Property at the Clerk's Foreclosure Auctions

By: Gary L. Davis, real estate lawyer in New Port Richey, Florida

My clients purchased a mortgage foreclosure property from the courthouse. After their purchase, the homeowner’s association demanded they pay back assessments that totaled more than $20,000.00. Didn’t they get the property free and clear from the sale?

How Wire Fraud Starts

By: American Land Title Association, TitleNews Online Archive

Criminals begin the wire fraud process way before the attempted theft occurs. Most often, they begin with a common social engineering technique called phishing. This can take the form of email messages, website forms or phone calls to fraudulently obtain private information.

Sample Wire Fraud Warnings You Can Use

By: American Land Title Association, TitleNews Online Archive

Title professionals are encouraged to remind clients about the risk of wire fraud. To combat this problem, title and settlement companies have:

Condominium and Homeowners Association Estoppel Certificates

By: Nishad Khan, Nishad Khan P.L., Orlando, Florida

A popular topic in Tallahassee for the last couple of years and it appears that this year we will have revised requirements under SB 398.

The Race to the “Closing” Finish Line

By: Roy Oppenheim, Oppenheim Law, Weston Florida

Preparing for a marathon race can only be accomplished with the right advice and preparation to help you overcome obstacles and reach the finish line.

Unlicensed Practice of Law

By: Michael J. Posner, Esq., is a partner in Ward, Damon, Posner, Peterson & Bleau

Realtors and Community Association Managers provide valuable real estate services to sellers and buyers of real estate, as well as managing homeowners and condominium associations respectively.

La razón cual todos los compradores de fincas raíces necesita consultar con un abogado especialista en bienes raíces en el cierre

De: Alexander G. Cubas, Esq., Alexander G. Cubas, P.A.

Discusión de Victoria Moreno vs. First International Title, 176 So.3d 301

Why every buyer needs a real estate attorney in any real estate closing

By: Ira B. Price, Esq., Ira B. Price, P.A. & Legal Title Services, Inc.

Discussion of Victoria Moreno vs. First International Title, 176 So.3d 301

CDDs: Confusing Development Dollars

By: Rene’ Rutan, Real Estate Council Relations Manager, Florida ARECS

If you have been shopping for a new home recently, as I have, you have undoubtedly discovered the Community Development District, or CDD. Many large, multi-phase communities with lifestyle amenities are now relying on this method of funding development, so it is essential that homebuyers and the real estate agents serving them have a full understanding of what CDDs are and how they work.

Foreign Buying Flipside

FIRPTA CHANGES – How much are you really making on your U.S. real property investments?

By: Sarah Gulati, Esq.

Prior to the PATH Act of 2015 (“Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes 2015”, effective 12/18/2015), if the seller of real property is a foreign person, Federal law required buyers to withhold 10% of the gross sale price and provide it to the IRS. With the implementation of the PATH Act, this 10% tax requirement has been altered.

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