Resource Feature: Consumer Direct Resources

And while that study is a few years old, the trend has only continued. It is important that REC members have a digital presence that will meet the needs of consumers searching the real estate marketplace independently. The Florida ARECS Board of Directors has made it a strategic priority to help RECs communicate directly with consumers. We will be developing new consumer resources over the coming year but the following resources directed at consumers are currently available to RECs and their members.

FLARECS.COM Consumer Page

The general consumer section of FLARECS.COM contains considerable information for the buyer or seller. It provides insight on title insurance, the closing process, the sales contract and financing. The Buyer section also highlights the roles filled by real estate attorneys and real estate agents so consumers understand they are not the same thing. The Seller section explains what FSBO means and the impact that may have on selling a home. Both Buyers and Sellers can view videos and download Closing Checklists that can help them prepare for their real estate transactions.


The FLARECS.COM Blog is a free platform where you can publish your articles on a topic of interest to consumers and/or real estate agents. This month we highlight Emerald Coast REC Vice President Mike Chesser’s story about how an easement a buyer thought was innocuous turned out to be a significant problem – and that it all could have been prevented if the buyer had been represented by a real estate attorney.

Real Estate Story Videos

We all love videos. It can be so powerful to convey a story through video and we have a library of videos that address a number of issues faced by real estate agents and consumers. REC members are welcome to use these videos on their websites or in their social media communications.

Buyer & Seller Closing Checklists

We all might have been through a real estate closing hundreds or even thousands of times but most people only experience it two or three times in their entire life. These simple checklists outline the most common steps that are taken to complete a purchase and sale of a residential property. REC members are welcome to download these Checklists from the Resource Center to share with their clients.

If you need any assistance in obtaining or implementing these tools, or have suggestions for new ones, please contact the REC Relations Manager at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..