Resource Feature - November

Florida Realtors® Legal News Feature

The Fund is constantly looking for opportunities to promote the use of attorneys in real estate transactions so we were pleased when we found an opportunity that we felt met our objectives. Working through Florida ARECS, we have built a relationship with Florida Realtors® and established ARECS and its network of attorney members as valuable resources for their members. On October 1, 2018 we began advertising in the Florida Realtors® Legal News, an email newsletter that Florida Realtors® sends out twice a month to over 105,000 members.

Unlike a traditional static advertisement that publicizes a logo and catchy phrase, our ads will provide a preview of real, useful content that they can read on our website. Visit to see the new landing page. While there, readers can read the article, learn about who we are and, of courses, Find an Attorney! The first two articles featured were written by Fund staff; however, we plan to feature member’s articles as well. Contact Rene’ Rutan, the REC Relations Manager at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like your article featured in the Florida ARECS advertisements.