Is it Time to Step Up Your Marketing?

By: Rene’ Rutan, Manager, Events & Affiliate, REC & Realtor® Relations

After a year of historic real estate activity fueled by a combination of demographics and the pandemic, the Florida real estate market appears to be taking a pause.  Add to that, a flurry of interest rate increases by the Federal Reserve, to get a handle on the highest inflation in 40 years, and you’ve got yourself a good old fashioned economic slowdown.  While you may not want to celebrate that, it does present some opportunities to focus on aspects of your practice that you may have been neglecting – like Marketing.

Here are few ideas you might consider implementing with clients you represent and others, who are involved in your transactions but not represented by other counsel.

Previous Buyers & Sellers

  • Send a friendly reminder to your Buyers to file for Homestead Exemption.
  • Send a friendly letter to Sellers with a copy of their 1099.
  • Send them your firm/title company newsletter reminding them about you, along with all the different services your company provides.

Current and Future Buyers & Sellers

  • Consider inserting a marketing piece inside the final title policy jacket you provide to Buyers.
  • Cross-sell your firm’s other areas of practice.
  • Host a quick Get to Know Us meeting or ZOOM call to introduce them to your firm, and instruct them on Cyber Security and your firm’s policy for wire transfers.
  • Make weekly Good News phone calls to provide clients with quick updates on the status of their transaction.

Real Estate Agents

  • Check in with Real Estate Agents you liked working with this year to tell them that and offer to assist them with upcoming transactions.
  • Contact the Realtors® who were on the other side of transaction and did not refer the business to you, to see how you might work with them in the future.
  • Realtors® have slowed down too, so it’s a great opportunity to provide seminars and Lunch & Learns to help them improve their skills.
  • Consider becoming an Affiliate Member of your local Realtor® Association, which in many cases will provide you with additional opportunities to market yourself to real estate agents.

Both Florida ARECS and The Fund have resources that can assist you with marketing.  So be sure to check out the Florida ARECS Resource Center and The Fund Shop for options