Saying Goodbye to Ira B. Price

By: Rene’ Rutan, Manager, Events & Affiliate, REC & Realtor® Relations

As some of you know, Ira Price passed away this past October and his absence is widely felt in the real estate attorney community.  He served the industry in countless ways over his career, including serving as a Trustee of Attorneys’ Title Insurance Fund, Inc. and on the Joint Attorney/Realtor® Committee which promulgates the Florida Bar/Florida Realtors® residential contracts.  But it is his passionate support of the Real Estate Councils that I want to highlight.

He was on the Board of the Attorneys’ Real Estate Council of Miami-Dade County, the oldest REC in the state, since as long as any of us can remember.  Vanessa Bertran, its current President, commented on Ira’s impact.

“Ira Price was an advocate for the legal profession in the South Florida Real Estate market.  He participated in many organizations to protect the attorney’s position in the real estate industry.  One of the many organizations he was a part of was the Miami Dade Attorney Real Estate Council.  As an active member in our group, he took on the mentorship role to other Fund Members, including myself.  He prided himself on thinking “outside the box" in every scenario posed by his clients and colleagues. Ira Price had a great depth of experience, knowledge, and relationships with the Florida real estate community and will be sorely missed.“

In 2013, The Fund gathered a small group of Fund Members who were also involved in their local Real Estate Councils to see how The Fund could provide a higher degree of support for the RECs.  Ira was part of that dedicated group of leaders that helped create the Attorneys’ Real Estate Councils of Florida, the statewide umbrella organization that developed a centralized bank of tools and resources for local Real Estate Councils.  These developments included:

  • Combining 20 local REC websites into one
  • Centralized REC Member Directory
  • New, refreshed and consistent brand to improve recognition among Members and consumers and real estate agents
  • Realtor® Education Library providing ready-to-use seminars for REC Members to present to real estate agents
  • REC Marketing Materials to help REC Members market themselves
  • Social Media Campaign promoting RECs and Real Estate Attorneys

We will always be grateful to Ira for his contributions to the Real Estate Councils, The Fund, and the legal profession as a whole.  He will be missed.