Leadership News

By: Rene’ Rutan, Manager, Events & Affiliate, REC & Realtor® Relations

 Attorneys’ Real Estate Councils of Florida

The Attorneys’ Real Estate Councils of Florida, the statewide umbrella organization serving local real estate councils, has grown and evolved in the years since its inception in 2013, and that evolution continues today with the introduction of a new Advisory Board.  The new Advisory Board provides an opportunity for us to expand our leadership team to include a broader perspective and wider range of voices.

The Mission of the new Advisory Board is to inspire, advise, and share insights on how Real Estate Councils (RECs) can contribute to the professional development of REC members, create and strengthen relations among real estate attorneys, and create and strengthen relations between real estate attorneys, consumers and real estate agents.

The Fund is looking forward to collaborating with our Fund Members to bring even greater value to REC membership.

Local Real Estate Councils

It’s that time of year when many real estate councils make their annual transition to new officers and directors, and we would like to congratulation this year’s group of new leaders.  Congratulations to all!

Broward Attorneys’ Real Estate Council

  • President: Khila Khani, Khani & Auerbach
  • President-Elect: Donald R. Walters, Donald R. Walters, P.A.
  • Treasurer: Nicole Vallarroel, Olive Judd, P.A.
  • Secretary: Graciela Livingston, Security Title & Escrow, Inc.
  • Member Chair: Tod Weston, Tod Weston Law Office
  • Past President: Jacqueline A. Revis, Revis Hervas & Goldberg, P.A.
  • Director: Paul Minoff, Gray Robinson, P.A.
  • Director: Geil Bilu, Focused Legal Solutions
  • Director: Anita Paoli, Law Offices of A. Paoli, P.A.
  • Director: Massimo Reboa, Reboa Law Firm
  • Director: Chad Muney, Clark & Muney, P.L.L.C.
  • Director: Nikeisha Pryor, The Pryor Law Group, P.A.
  • Director: Kristen Hansen, Aronson & Hansen, P.L.L.C.

Polk Area Real Estate Council

  • President: Robert Chilton, Boswell & Dunlap, L.L.P.
  • President-Elect: Keith Wadsworth, Peterson & Myers, P.A.
  • Treasurer: Maggie Thumberg, The Fund
  • Secretary: Allison W. Cross, Gray Robinson, P.A.
  • Past President: Kyle Jensen, Clark Campbell, Lancaster Workman & Airth, P.A.
  • Director: Sean Parker, Boswell & Dunlap, L.L.P.
  • Director: Philip Bush, Miller Troiano, P.A.
  • Director: Mark Turner, Straughn & Turner, P.A.
  • Director: Michael Kincart, Peterson & Myers, P.A.