Florida ARECS and Florida Realtors® – Working Together


On November 3rd Margy Grant, Vice President/General Counsel of Law and Policy for Florida Realtors® sent an email to all their local associations containing the following about Florida ARECS:

New Legal Resource for Realtors®

The Attorneys' Real Estate Councils of Florida or "Florida ARECS" is a coalition of twenty local Real Estate Councils or "RECs" representing a network of nearly 1,000 real estate attorneys across the state. Florida ARECS and its member attorneys are available to help Realtors® become more knowledgeable and successful by keeping you informed and in compliance with ever-changing rules and regulations. The attorneys offer legal education on a wide variety of commercial and residential real estate-related issues including contract issues, FIRPTA, CFPB compliance, the new Closing Disclosure, as well as the new rules governing private and seller financing, to name a few. The presentations are designed to increase professionalism and improve cooperation between attorneys and Realtors® so that we may work together to better serve the public. Take advantage of this new resource by contacting the REC in your area. You can also visit www.flarecs.com to learn more about the REC in your area and view other free resources for Realtors®. For additional information, you can contact Trey Goldman in our Office of Public Policy in Tallahassee.

We understand the value these relationships bring to the success of your members and want you to know we are doing all we can at the state level to improve them.