Florida Realtor®-Attorney Joint Committee

We would also like to take this opportunity to recognize REC member attorneys who have been appointed to the Florida Realtor®-Attorney Joint Committee. The Florida Realtor®-Attorney Joint Committee was formed in the early 1970's by the Joint Accord entered into between The Florida Bar and the Florida Association of Realtors®, to fulfill several purposes:

  • to encourage joint efforts to enact legislation and regulations relative to real estate transactions that would effectively benefit or protect the public and those persons involved;

  • to promote cordial relations between the Realtors®/licensed brokers and attorneys;

  • to cooperate with local joint attorney-Realtor® committees;

  • to plan, organize and present educational seminars or programs jointly for real estate professionals and attorneys;

  • and other matters to enhance the relationship between the professions and public.

In addition, the Joint Committee is responsible for promulgating and revising the FR/BAR Contract documents, essential tools used by tens of thousands of attorneys, Realtors® and consumers to facilitate most Florida residential sales transactions. There are 22 members on the Joint Committee, 11 attorney members appointed by The Florida Bar and 11 Realtor®/broker members appointed by Florida Realtors®. Each association appoints two members chosen from each Florida Appellate District, with staggered 2 year terms, and 1 at large or liaison member also with a two year term.

We appreciate the dedication of these 9 REC members who contribute their time and talent to support our profession:

1st DCA:
Kerry Anne Schultz, Escambia-Santa Rosa REC
Denise Hutson, North Florida Association of Real Estate Attorneys

2nd DCA:
Mercedes Gonzales Hale, Bay Area Real Estate Council
Julie Horstkamp, Sarasota-Bradenton Real Estate Council

3rd DCA:
Thomas D. Wright, Florida Keys Real Estate Council
James A. Marx, North Dade & Beaches Real Estate Council

4th DCA:
Guy Rabideau, AREC of Palm Beach County

5th DCA:
Thomas Ball, Central Florida Real Estate Attorneys' Council
Frederick W. Jones, Central Florida Real Estate Attorneys' Council