July & August - Message from the Board

On May 5th, Florida ARECS held its first ever Leadership Forum preceding the start of Fund Assembly. Sixteen of the twenty RECS sent more than thirty representatives to discuss the challenges in developing new and evolving leadership. Florida ARECS Board Members facilitated the discussions with amazing current leaders and leaders-to-be to address Leadership Development and Governance.

Here are few suggestions that resulted from the roundtable discussions:

Leadership Development

  • Building membership is the first step. You need to have a broad enough base of membership to create a broad enough pool of leaders.
  • The Fund is a great source for new young members. Would your REC offer new Fund members a one-year membership at no cost?
  • Make leadership recruitment a regular agenda item at your board meetings. Ask for nominations and then assign directors to reach out to those people.
  • A personal invitation to join the board is usually much more successful than a general email to all members. It lets that individual know that you want THEM not anyone.
  • Look for representation across diverse groups: established attorneys, new attorneys just getting started, attorneys in related practice areas, e.g. bankruptcy, probate, tax.
  • Many RECs focus on residential but they don’t have to. Consider encouraging commercial attorneys to get involved as well and expand your pool of members and leaders.


  • Consider a more structured governance system
  • Annual meetings and elections provide a catalyst for change and growth. They keep the organization moving forward
  • Setup a system that’s easy for future leaders to follow
  • Be consistent – hold meetings on some regular, predictable schedule
  • • Make it easy on yourself – create a calendar for the year
    • board meetings
    • member events
    • Realtor and consumer outreach events
  • Each REC should maintain a schedule that works for them. Just be consistent and predictable!
  • Establish a strong committee structure to allow for planning programs, events, fellowships, membership recruitment, etc.
    • Allows for the “business” of the REC to be ongoing between the board meetings and streamlines the board meetings
    • Have board members chair the committees but recruit committee participants from the REC membership base
  • Consider a “leadership ladder”
    • Allows a leader to move up through the ranks
    • New leaders start at a lower level and are familiar with the organization when it’s their turn to be President
    • Creates an expectation of service for new leaders
    • New leaders can see the time commitment is defined and not forever
    • It allows for continuity of leadership
    • Eliminates “President-for-Life” syndrome

The Florida ARECS Board learned that we need to provide resources to help REC leaders manage their organizations more easily. To that effort we are developing a Real Estate Council Management Guide which will include:

  • Suggested By-Laws
  • Suggested Articles of Incorporation
  • Suggested Governance Structures
  • IRS Tax Filing Guidelines
  • Sampling of how RECs conduct their events
  • Suggested events and speakers

If your REC would like more information or assistance with Leadership Development or Governance issues feel free to contact the REC Relations Manager Rene’ Rutan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or your Florida ARECS Board Liaison.