Resource Feature - May

One of the most effective ways to promote our message of the value of involving a real estate attorney in a real estate transaction is through social media because that’s where everyone is.

Resource Feature: Consumer Direct Resources

According to the 2012 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers conducted by Google and the National Association of Realtors®, “9 in 10 home buyers rely on the internet as one of their primary search sources, and 52 percent turn to the web as their first step.” 

Message from the Board

We were recently asked by Florida Realtors® to describe what Attorneys’ Real Estate Councils of Florida (“Florida ARECS”) does in 35 words or less for a promotional piece that will go out later this year.

Message from the Board - January

What is it about the passing of year that makes us reflect? Outwardly, our little blue planet takes its trip around the sun and yet that vast journey inspires us to look inward at our own journey. Earth’s progress is easy to measure in days, months and years but measuring our own evolution can be a bit more subjective. The Florida ARECS Board of Directors took a look at our accomplishments over the last year and here is what we found.

Latest REC News - January

On December 5th the Jacksonville Area Real Estate Council kicked off the holiday season at the River Front Café overlooking the St. Johns River with Katie Mitura, Vice President, Marketing & Communications, Visit Jacksonville. Mitura presented a lively overview of the efforts to expand convention, business and tourism opportunities across the area.

Resource Feature - January

Florida ARECS offers a variety of resources to assist REC members in engaging real estate agents in their areas. So we are pleased to offer a new option that has recently been added to the Realtor® Education Library – New Realtor® Orientation Legal & Regulatory Overview.

Message from the Board

The tagline for Florida ARECS is Together We All Succeed. In marketing, a tagline is a short phrase used by a business or brand to summarize its mission and identity. Creating a tagline to represent what real estate attorneys do is a pretty challenging task. How do you summarize all that you do? Advocate? Solve problems? Counsel clients?

Resource Feature: FLARECS Blog

Do you like to write? Promote your practice by publishing your articles on Florida ARECS’s Blog!

Latest REC News

The North Dade and the Beaches REC held their regular monthly lunch meeting on October 8th and welcomed Rebecca Wood, Senior Underwriting Counsel with The Fund, who presented Guide to Reading Surveys. Attendees earned 1.0 hour of Florida Bar CLE!

Hurricane Irma

All of us at Florida ARECS extend our heartfelt sympathy to those devastated by Hurricane Irma. Floridians will be faced with repairing and rebuilding their homes, businesses and lives for months or even years.


When the website was launched in November 2014, our primary objective was to build awareness among our REC member attorneys so much of the information was focused on you.  Now we are turning our attention to our external audiences – primarily real estate agents and consumers.

September & October - Message from the Board

Florida ARECS just returned from the 2017 Florida Realtors® Convention and Trade Show on at the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort in Orlando. Our Board of Directors met with representatives of numerous local Realtor® associations while local REC member attorneys staffed the trade show booth.

Latest REC News

The Real Estate Council of Martin County kicked off August with The Value Adjustment Board Petition Process presented by Don Defenthaler, Director of Appraisal Services for the Martin County Property Appraiser’s Office on August 7th.

July & August - Message from the Board

On July 4th, America celebrated her 241st birthday. It’s hard to imagine that a small group of motivated people were able to pull together the leaders of thirteen colonies (without Facebook or Twitter!) and declare independence from what was then the most powerful country in the world.

Latest REC News

The REC community was very busy in May & June! See what all of the RECs have been up to:

Resource: The Leadership Guide

Florida ARECS has worked with various local RECs to recruit over sixty new directors in a year and that got us thinking. How are all the new leaders, and the other leaders who are getting involved in RECs every day, supposed to learn the ropes?